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State Division Awards

  • 1st Place – State of Illinois Champions Award – winner earns the honor of representing Illinois at the U.S. Nationals Snow Sculpting Competition the following year.

  • 2nd Place – Rockford Mayor’s Award

  • 3rd Place – Rockford Park District Award

  • People’s Choice Award

  • Committee’s Choice Award – Patricia “Pat” Hayes Parks Award





Windy City Snowmen - Kim McCombs (Captain), Mike Dillon, Juan Zelaya



“So Long and Thanks for All the Fish”

Cave People From Space - Brian Hierstein (Captain), Joe Goral, Kelly Madison


“The Huntress”

Chilly Trio – George Harnish (Co-Captain), Fran Volz (Co-Captain), Danica Rogers



Quatsch-Men - Jack Gerard (captain), Peter Hermann, Fran Volz


"Shot of Whiskey... Leave the bottle"

Kilted Snow Weasels - Randy Tackett (captain), Grant Rundblade, George Harnish


“The Dragon Whisperer”

Vikings in Black – Bjorn, Svenhard (captain), and Thorfin Skupien of Rockford


Cancelled due to insufficient snow



Vikings in Black – Bjorn, Svenhard (captain), and Thorfin Skupien of Rockford


“Catfish Dinner” – 25th Anniversary

Kilted Snow Weasels – Bill Brown, and George Harnish, and Randy Tackett (captain)


“Happy Together”

Snowbabes – Polly Freund, K Dyer, and Krista Gustafson


“Hippo in the Garden”

Peter Herman, Jack Gerard, and Doug Scherrinsky


Cancelled due to insufficient snow

2007 “The Crusher”

Bjorn, Svenhard, and Thorfin Skupien of Rockford

2006 “Horsea”

Ted Bihlmaier, Dawn Bihlmaier, and Derrick Greenlee

2005 “Early Snow Sculpting”

Fred Gardner of Caledonia, Will Beard of Rockford, and Paul Larson of Belvidere



Svenhard and Bjorn Skupien of Rockford, and Thorfinn Skupien of Roscoe


Cancelled due to insufficient snow


“Call of the Wild”

Randy Tacket, William Brown, and George Harnish of Rockford

2001 “Bird Watcher”

Fred Gardner of Caledonia, Will Beard of Rockford and Paul Larsen of Belvidere

2000 “Mother’s Day”

Gary Simon, Tom Guirl, and Ed Marx of Belvidere

1999 “Road to Enlightenment”

Randy Tackett, Bill Brown and George Harnish of Rockford

1998 “Monkey Business”

Fred Gardner of Caledonia, Will Beard of Rockford, and Paul Larsen of Belvidere

1997 “Keokuk”

David, John and Steve Skupien of Rockford

1996 “Ice Fisherman”

Lynden Bute, Kevin Carlson and Mark Oltman of Sycamore

1995 “Folk Hero – John Henry”

Steve and John Skupien of Rockford and David Skupien of Roscoe

1994 “Eagle Guardian”

Lynden Bute, Kevin Carlson and Mark Oltman of Sycamore

1993 “Lion and the Mice”

Fred Gardner of Caledonia, Jody Houser of Rockford and Gary Miles of Stillman Valley (also won Nationals in 1994 with re-creation of the same piece)

1992 “Mother Bear and Cubs”

Jerry DeVries, Greg Johnson, and Gordon Long of Rockford

1991 “Don’t Tread on Me”

Stephen Appell of Cherry Valley, Peter Matysik of Roscoe, and Chuck Thorne of Rockford

1990 “Fall of the Great Wall”

H. Ward Sterett of Roscoe, Gary Gessner of Loves Park, and Daniel McAllister of Belvidere

1989 “Dolphins at Play”

Gene Toepfer of Belvidere, Gordon Long and Scott Erickson of Rockford

1988 “Arctic Fun”

Gene Toepfer of Belvidere, Gordon Long and Scott Erickson of Rockford

1987 “Buffalo Dreamer”

Larry and Steve Wetherholt, and Jon Oliver Richards of Decatur

High School Division Awards

  • 1st Place

  • 2nd Place

  • 3rd Place

  • Linda K. White Spirit Award

  • Committee’s Choice Award

  • Artists’ Choice Award

  • People’s Choice Award – determined by popularity of sculpture; all teams are eligible to win.

Past 1st Place Winners – High School

2019 “Stone Cold”

Byron High School - Tommy Allen, Natale Lewis, Lucas Shine, Bayee Wilson. Advisor: Kathy Driscoll

2018 "King Pong"

Rockford Christian High School - Mikayla Brander, Mariah Morse, Elijah Nitz, Tiana Ware. Advisor: Cynthia Brander

2017 “Edgar Allen Snow”

Hononegah High School - Sydney Bruckner, Audrey Humy, Alyssa Nicosia, Victoria Sweeney. Advisor: Jennifer Decker


Hononegah High School - Audrey Humy, Alyssa Nicosia, Victoria Sweeney, Austin Hegge. Advisor: Jennifer Decker

2015 "a hot encounter"

Byron High School - Brian Hardeman, Erin Hays, Miles Lindholtz, Kjia Welte. Advisor: Kathy Driscoll

2014 "Hidden power"

Rockford Christian High School - Erik Dingus, Josh Keske, Hannah Menge, and Abi Sitzman. Advisor: Russ Menge


Cancelled due to insufficient snow

2012 “There’s No Pizza Like Snow Pizza”

Rockford East High School – Luzanna Kowalczyk, Aurora Macek, Gavin Barlow, and Shanton Staten. Advisor: John DeRango

2011 “Think B4U Text”

Roosevelt Alternative High School – David Cardenas, Kaylynne Druce Jones, Jacob Palmeno, and Reinaldo Villa. Advisor: Kyle Wolfe

2010 “King Arthur”

Jefferson High School – Evan Jarzynski, Arnold Syphommarath, Shauna Ubersox, Ale Sanchez. Advisor: Gail Zernia

2009 “Kokopelli Jam”

Jefferson High School – Evan Jarzynski, Haley Lyons, Sierra Leek, and Arnold Syphommarath


Cancelled due to insufficient snow

2007 “Frozen with Fear”

Hononegah High School – Nikki Paganini, William Ulewicz, Sandra Whippler, and Abigail Wright

2006 “Cirque du Neige”

Guilford High School – Mariel Cotton, Katrina Epperson, Natasha Smith, and Ashley Soriano. Advisor: Kyna Matula

2005 “Gaozu’s Ascent”

Harlem High School – Stephanie Bailey, Sarah Kluge, Kelly Madison, and Sandy Yu. Advisor: Alison Gregory

2004 “Spring Daydreams”

Rockford Christian High School – Gwendolyn Jacobsen, Joshua Palmer, Lee Ann Pecina, and Robert Ullrich. Advisor: Vivia Houck


Cancelled due to insufficient snow

2002 “Hold Me”

Keith School – Randall Haeflinger, Nora Maynard, Emma Stocker, Jason Chen. Advisor: Lori Walsh

2001 “Revenge of the Goldfish”

Boylan High School – Kate Alesandrini, Ashley Feldt, Joseph Kordash, and Nicole Milani. Advisor: Rebecca Downing

2000 “Oscar the Grouch”

Hononegah High School – Jenny Anderson, Chris Gantz, Kate Pirello, Andy Skupien. Advisor: Joyce Nystrom

1999 “Pride of the Titan”

Boylan High School – Matthew Ebeling, Michael Gutzwiller, Kim Novak and Randy Olson. Advisor: Rebecca Downing

1998 “Penguins and Hot Cocoa”

Hononegah High School – Thomas Barmore, Adam Garoutte, Brian Harbron, and Tracy Keeble. Advisor: Michael Callahan

1997 “Star Wars”

Belvidere High School – Tim Brockman, Keelen McMorrow, Jared Mehl, and Jim Schuetz. Advisor: Kit Scheidenhelm

1996 “Emerging Life”

Christian Life High School – Nicholas Breit, Philip Guske, Jonathon Dixon, and Lucas LeFevre. Advisor: Linda Auman

1995 “Dolphins”

Belvidere High School – Ryan Morris, Beth Miller, Jamie Lundberg, and Lisa Pederson. Advisor: Kit Scheidenhelm

1994 “Making a Snowman”

Jefferson High School – Lindsey Beck, Christy Schanes, Heather Anderson, and Stacy McConnell. Advisor: Ted Simmering

1993 “Snow Dragon”

Jefferson High School – Chris Cunningham, Amy Gahlbeck, Paul Larson, and Becky Steffen. Advisor: Ted Simmering

1992 “Bush Witch Doctor”

Auburn High School – Sabas Parada, Timmy Cheranichit, Justin Langenberg, and Andrew Parks. Advisor: Margo Shryack-Pagh

1991 “Dragon”

Guilford High School – Amy Bradley, Kim Grey, Amy Rice and Michelle Laman. Advisor: Debra Chessare

1990 “Swiss Cheese and Mice”

Guilford High School – Ann Zartman, Pete Swanson, Wendy Hinrichs and Scott Schrank. Advisor: Debra Chessare

1989 “Penguin Fun”

Guilford High School – Krista Blakesly, Zac Cole, Mike Connell and Kevin Mastroianni. Advisor: Debra Gibson

1988 “Snow Shower”

Jefferson High School – Stephanie Gray, John Seacrist, Dawn Bertolotto and David Reyes. Advisor: Ted Simmering