IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The snow sculptures are no longer standing. They began to collapse early Saturday afternoon during the awards ceremony (Jan 17), and by Monday morning (Jan 19) the majority were no longer recognizable as sculptures. Because of this, and for safety reasons, they have been plowed down.

2015 High School Teams

Each team is comprised of four students from the same high school in northern Illinois with one team advisor (parent or teacher). Line drawings of each team’s sculpture are submitted at time of application, and block assignments are done by lottery.

Block A – Third Place

Hononegah Community High School – “Chilled to the Bone”
Advisor: Jennifer Multhauf
Members: Sydney Bruckner, Audrey Humy, Alyssa Nicosia, Victoria Sweeney


Block B – Second Place

Christian Life High School – “Transformation”
Advisor: Bruce McDonald
Members: Joshua Eco, Victoria Fox, Angelica Hill, Caleb Keffer


Block C – Linda K. White Spirit Award

Belvidere North – “Frost Bite”
Advisor: Edith Obenchain
Members: Jesse Harris, Kelsey Heimer, Alicia Porter, Justin Sepeda


Block D

Marengo Community High School – “Ice Flow”
Advisor: Robert Pomykala
Members: Catherine Brant, McKenzie Caldwell, Alivia Hanson, Stephanie Ramirez

Block E

Keith Country Day School – “Bearly Warm”
Advisor: Lori Walsh
Members: Bryn Lipton, Jeremy Martinez, Robert Raleigh, Reilley Wehrstein

Block F – People’s Choice Award

Guilford High School – “Can I Borrow Your Suitcase? I Only Have a Little Trunk”
Advisor: Bo Hammarberg
Members: Natalie Adamany, Jessica Ahlgren, Shannon Hallstein, Nancy Villa


Block G

Roosevelt Alternative High School – “Arctic Roar”
Advisor: Kyle Wolfe
Members: Miklo Aldana, Berenice Galvan, Rylee Jones, Jake Raslina

Block H

Cambridge Lakes Charter School – “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry”
Advisor: Erin Kerrigan
Members: Abigail Biggar, Alaina Hammond, Abigail Ramierez, Savannah Troha

Block I – Committee’s Choice Award

Pecatonica High School – “Off the Rails”
Advisor: Jillian Torre
Members: Lexi Frederick, Bailey Penwell, Kelsey Swanson, Charity Voskuil


Block J – First Place!
Artist’s Choice Award

Byron High School – “A Hot Encounter”
Advisor: Kathy Driscoll
Members: Brian Hardeman, Erin Hays, Miles Lindholtz, Kjia Welte


Block K

Belvidere High School – “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”
Advisor: Laura Davis
Members: Willem Kline, Brittany Schloskey, Jessica Schloskey, Aneysia Schrader

Block L

Rockford Lutheran High School – “Hibernation”
Advisor: Sarah Wolfe
Members: Nicole Busse, Alison Cunningham, Tanner Franks, Aaron Swanlund

Block M

East High School – “Iron Man”
Advisor: John DeRango
Members: Alan Guzman, Panida Phetsavanh, Bartosz Zoltek

Block N

Auburn High School – “Idols”
Advisor: Brock McWilliams
Members: Alison Largent, Antonio Meza, Beini Pan, Megan Surface

Block O

Rockford Christian High School – “Squochee Kesos (Wolf Moon)”
Advisor: Brad Walker
Members: Joshua Keske, Hannah Menge, Niko Opperman, Maddie Walker

2014 Winners

  • 1st Place: Rockford Christian (Block K) – “Hidden  Power”
  • 2nd Place: Byron High School (Block L) – “Mother Deerest”
  • 3rd Place: Belvidere North High School (Block D) – “Ice Gator”
  • Artists Choice: Rockford Christian (Block K) – “Hidden Power”
  • Linda K White: Byron High School (Block L) – “Mother Deerest”
  • Committee’s Choice: Marengo High School (Block F) – “The Embrace”
  • People’s Choice: Belvidere North High School (Block D) – “Ice Gator”