State Competition Teams

Each team is comprised of up to three members, age 18 or older, who are current residents of Illinois. Line drawings of each team’s sculpture are submitted at time of application, and block assignments are done by lottery.

2014 Winners

  • 1st Place, State Champions: Vikings in Black (Block 4) – “Dragon Whisperer”
  • 2nd Place: Frosted Flakes (Block 9) – “Take Me to Your Leader”
  • 3rd Place: Slacktastic 4 (Block 2) – “Ents Go Marching In”
  • Committees Choice: Frosted Flakes (Block 9) – “Take Me To Your Leader”
  • People’s Choice: Whippersnappers (Block 3) – “Get Off My Lawn!”

Block 1 (Exhibition): The Band of Misfit Boys [Facebook]
Members: Dan “Man-Bear” Berry, Keith Pliml, Scott Triplett (captain)

Block 2: Slacktastic 4 [Facebook]
Members: Nathaniel Branch, Jared Corey, Andy Skupien (captain)

3rd Place – Rockford Park District Award

Block 3: Whippersnappers
Members: Brett Calomino (captain), Sean Heinekamp, Clayton Weiss

People’s Choice Award
Determined by popularity of sculpture; all teams were eligible to win.

Block 4: Vikings in Black [Web Site] [Facebook]
Members: Bjorn Skupien, Sven Skupien (captain), Thorfinn Skupien

1st Place – State of Illinois Champions Award
Winner earns the honor of representing Illinois at the 2015 U.S. Nationals Snow Sculpting Competition.

Block 5: Polar Vortex
Members: Mike McNamara, Scott Shepherd (captain), Alva Thomas

Block 6: Snowbabes
Members: K Dyer, Polly Freund (captain), Krista Gustafson

Block 7: Kilted Snow Weasels [Web Site] [Facebook]
Members: George Harnish, Grant Rundblade, Randy Tackett (captain)

Block 8: Team Iron Lion
Members: Bradley Argyle (captain), Eric Hoffman, Steve McCorkle

Block 9: Frosted Flakes
Members: Steve Larson, Bruce Quast (captain), Michael Rathbun

2nd Place – Rockford Mayor’s Award
Committee’s Choice Award – Patricia “Pat” Hayes Parks Award

Block 10: Peter Hermann Team
Members: Jack Gerard, Peter Hermann (captain), Doug Scherrinsky

Block 11: Snowflake Assassins
Members: Kelly Madison (captain), Chris Wing, Sandy Yu

Block 12: A-E-H
Members: Linda Auman (captain), Jennifer Egan, Sara Hallstein

Block 13: Frieze Masons
Members: Sergio Aguilar, Ryan Ehredt (captain), Christopher Hansen